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When my mother passed away and left a home behind that she’d lived in for 45 years, I had no idea of the complexities and time involved in clearing out the house of her belongings and making it ready for sale. Thankfully, my mother had contacted Annie Stocking prior to her passing. As executor, I had many, many duties, so adding to those duties clearing of the house only became doable because of Annie’s work. Annie proved to be a lifesaver!
She was able to provide a vast range of sources where we could donate useable items, as well as consignment houses for saleable furnishings. Annie had the utmost sensitivity when it was time to go through even the most personal things of my mother’s, and did so with care and compassion. Once the house was cleared, it was time to make it ready to sell. A 4000–square-foot house required quite a bit of deferred maintenance! Annie has amassed a fine list of reliable and affordable workers who offer a broad range of services, and did a fine job at managing and contracting all of the workers. Finally, when it came time to stage the house, she was able to use many of the lovely pieces of furniture and accessories that belonged to my mom, making the house look fresh, uncluttered and most importantly very saleable. If anything needed to be purchased, she knew just where to go to get the right look at the right price.
I am happy to recommend Annie to anyone who is in need of clearing or staging a house. Additionally, she is wonderful at redecorating by bringing new life to a home by utilizing existing furniture and accessories.

Francie Kelley
Laurel Canyon, CA

We had two months to prepare our house for sale and organize our lives to move halfway across the country. Annie helped pack up the contents of a busy, five-person household, and then oversaw the staging of the house for sale. It was a huge undertaking and she worked tirelessly to get our things assembled and sent off.
Best of all, Annie is exceptionally patient and caring. She understands that a house is a home, and that a move or reorganization is a tremendously emotional undertaking. She treats everyone with respect, and works with each person individually to ensure that the transition is carried out as painlessly as possible. She even worried about the family pets and their welfare! I cannot say enough good things about Annie's work. She is a gem and I would call her back immediately if I ever needed help.

Laurie Maffly-Kipp
Distinguished Professor in the Humanities,
WUSTL, St. Louis, MO

I was overwhelmed by the huge project of moving from a four-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. Clutter was slowing me down, physically and psychologically. Annie Stocking came to the rescue with just the right mix of professionalism, empathy, understanding, and resourcefulness. Her methods are practical and she has a knack for really listening and then homing in on your particular style and needs.
I found her ingenuity and good-humored approach to be an asset. Annie is a versatile, innovative problem solver, and is excellent at seeing the big picture. I highly recommend Annie to anyone wanting to get his or her home or office organized. Her personalized moving assistance saved me time and money, and gave me peace of mind, which is priceless.

Sanda Gottlieb
Novato, CA

Annie Stocking is one amazing person! She came into my life to help me organize, sort, and sell/dispose of items, clean my house and yard, pack, and move me at a time when I could not do any of it, and then staged my home for sale. She is incredibly well organized, sets and sticks to priorities, has a great crew, and is kind, gentle, and understanding. You are in great hands with Annie Stocking!
Lisa Malet
Novato, CA

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